Eviction Notice To Obama and Establishment Start Packing – Judge Jeanine

June 2016

This is a fantastic opening statement by Judge Jeanine tonight on her show. I agree with her 100%. She kicks ass and takes no prisoners.

Americans are fed up with the “We are the world” song and that’ll catapult Donald Trump to presidency. Americans want to be able to have a country again. They don’t want people pouring into their country.


Charmaine Bassett Trimm on Detoxing Mold from Your Body

June 2015

Mold is the most prevelant toxin in our system. Every human has some locked in your body. While remediating or removing yourself from toxic environments is essential, removing the mold from your physical body is difficult and requires a very precise protocal according the Charmaine Bassett-Trimm, one of the world’s top experts on the subject. From her Anyana-Kai Clinic in Toldedo OH, this is a discussion of the exact protocal that will break the mold in your system.


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