3. Discovering Good Health: “The Liver”

January 2013

[Barbara ONeill] Did you know that cancer cannot get a hold in your body when your liver is working well? Let’s find out how to look after your liver.

The liver is the only organ in your body that has the capability to regrow itself. Read more...

1. Discovering Good Health: “The True Cause of Diseases”

January 2013

[Barbara ONeill] Louis Pasteur said, “Germs cause disease”.

Most of us have been led to believe it, and almost the whole pharmacological industry builds on this theory. But are we getting better?

In fact, statistically we are getting worse. Let’s find out about another method of fighting diseases that is not invasive, but by helping our human body healing capability to fix itself. Read more...

13. Gut Health and IBS, Barbarra O’Neill

July 2015

It’s very important that the food stays in our mouth until it’s almost liquid because, as you know, there are no teeth beyond the mouth.

Our gut health is within our reach but we need to make the right decisions about what we eat, when and how. Read more...

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