Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain: How Gut Problems Create Brain Problems

Sept. 2015

Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, brain fog or other concerns, optimizing your gut function is key to restoring your health.

Gut bacteria produce vitamins, neurotransmitters and other molecules that can impact every cell and organ in our body. Listen to Dr. Rostenberg explain how most of our brain and mood problems are caused by imbalances in our gut bugs. This info-packed video will leave you with a new understanding of how to heal your gut and optimize your brain!


How To Heal Your Gut Naturally

Feb. 8, 2103

Amy Myers, MD shares her functional medicine approach to healing your gut. It’s called the 4R program: Remove, Restore, Reinoculate and Repair.

If you suffer from a chronic illness such as chronic fatigue, autoimmune, cancer, fibromyalgia or a more simple issues such as acne, IBS, migraines, ADD, anxiety or depression — this is a must watch video.


Why there’s no bible on my bookshelf


In this video I clarify my position on the bible in response to some of the comments on my last video. Try to keep from having a knee jerk reaction, and let’s try to keep this polite.

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