I’m Tired of Celebrities Defending Islam!

March 2017

The biggest celebrities are saying Islam is a religion of peace and that just doesn’t stand up against the barrage of images we see where Muslims who are looking to impose Sharia Law are laughing at “infidels” whenever bad things happen to them, including when it’s because of some flavor of Islamic terror. Read more...

How to Detox Your Diet with Dr. Alejandro Junger

February 2010

Dr. Alejandro Junger, creator of the Clean detox program, shows Martha what foods to avoid and to include in a detox plan, and prepares two healthy drink recipes.

You need a certain amount of nutrients to support life and the detoxification process. Read more...

These 2 minerals CURE diabetes: chromium and vanadium

January 2015

The molecular action of metformin are unknown. It doesn’t fix anything but that’s what doctors prescribe.

MDs don’t care to FIX diabetes.

Fix the problem with mineral supplementation, including chromium and vanadium.

This video clears up the misconception about sugar. And why it’s important for your bodies function. Read more...

Can hypnosis heal you? | Daniel Robaczewski | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool

May 2016

In his entrancing talk, Daniel gives a glimpse into how hypnosis works and explores the power of the human mind.

The discovery that hypnosis is not magic, but a legitimate tool used in psychotherapy and personal development led Daniel Robaczewski to start performing with a group of enthusiasts on the streets of Warsaw at the age of 17. Read more...

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