Life as an Ex Muslim Atheist in an Islamic State

February 2017

Recently, I hit 100,000 subscribers. Big milestone. To celebrate, here’s my trip to Pakistan, an Islamic State, as an apostate.

He’s from Canada and loves this country but when he went back to Pakistan, he got a taste of the closed-minded Muslim world. Free speech is really a Western World thing which doesn’t exist in Islam. In fact, voicing what you REALLY think can get you killed, nothing less.


Laci Green – Epic Feminist Hypocrisy

October 2016

So Laci Green just won a Streamy Award for ‘best science and education’. Seems like all that Social Justice Warrior stuff might be paying off for her!

However the internet seems pretty quick on delivering karma these days. Turns out she was also reporting smaller youtubers for dmca violations over fair use in thumbnails.


Does ‘maybe’ mean no?

August 2014

If no one does anything, nothing will change.

This is true no matter if you are talking about the spread of pseudo-science, creationism, or social justice warrior BS.
If no one tackles it, nothing will change, and you will inevitably that infection will spread.


The Dumbest thing ever said about Nuclear Power!

February 2014

The Dumbest thing ever said about Nuclear Power?

Well it was when I had only watched one or two of his videos, or some of the other videos about fukushima. Now I realize that there are a LOT of people competing for this title!

The crazy guy is called beautifulgirlbydana


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