How to make diseases disappear | Rangan Chatterjee | TEDxLiverpool

December 2016

Can you actually make a disease disappear? Dr Rangan Chatterjee thinks you can. Often referred to as the doctor of the future, Rangan is changing the way that we look at illness and how medicine will be practised in years to come. He highlighted his methods in the groundbreaking BBC TV show, Doctor In The House, gaining him much acclaim from patients, his contemporaries and the media. Read more...

PINK RIBBONS ARE A PSYOP: How the disease industry scams society year after year

June 2016

The first use of a pink ribbon in connection with breast cancer awareness was when the Susan G. Komen Foundation handed them out to participants in its New York City race for breast cancer survivors in 1991. The following year, the pink ribbon was adopted as the official symbol of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Alexandra Penney, the editor in chief of Self magazine, and Evelyn Lauder, the senior corporate vice president of Estee Lauder Cosmetics Company, and a breast cancer survivor herself, created the ribbon for distribution to stores and businesses in New York City. Read more...

This has Never Happened until Now… (2017-2018 events)

March 2017

Jason A compiles events that announce profound changes in our society.

Are you a slave to your smartphone? Can you live without it? What happens if you’re without your phone? Not a pretty sight, right?

A E C G are the base letters used by a geneticist to interpret your DNA. When you put them in different order, you express different proteins and therefore, another form of… life! We’re entering a time when genetics will change almost everything in our social interactions because now, geneticians are looking to cut genes and re-assemble them into something else. Read more...

Anonymous: Rockefeller, The King of NWO Has Fallen! Who’s next?

March 2017

Latest anonymous message in 2017! Watch it before it’s taken down again!

You have to watch this! Something big is going to happen in the world. Another new world order?

The concerns expressed in the message are really challenging.

David Rockefeller, the last former member of the unofficial royal family of America, has admitted that if he is accused of such conspiracies to bring about a ‘one world order’, then he is proud and guilty as charged. Read more...

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