The Dumbest thing ever said about Nuclear Power!

February 2014

The Dumbest thing ever said about Nuclear Power?

Well it was when I had only watched one or two of his videos, or some of the other videos about fukushima. Now I realize that there are a LOT of people competing for this title!

The crazy guy is called beautifulgirlbydana


First World Feminism vs Islam

January 2015

5 million cartoons of Muhammad exist this week, that didn’t exist last week.

I cannot think of a more fitting way that people should express solidarity for Western ideals such as free speech, over a religious belief that things it operates above the laws of any country.


Feminism, taking STUPIDITY to the next level

July 2015

Yup, if you are a homosexual man, then your sexuality is a choice!

If you are a heterosexual man, then your sexuality is just a social construct of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy!
Welcome….. to #FeministLogic

Yup, hate to break it to feminists, but your sexuality really isnt influenced that much by ‘social constructs’. No one ever taught me what was sexy, but damn, do I know it when I see it!


Feminism Is For Ugly Losers

August 2016

MGTOW – Real men go their own way!

Get conservative women instead of wasting your time with FEMINISTS who HATE MEN.

Ah Feminism… In this video I attempt to go through the whole thing: the ideology, their petty grievances and stupid causes, and I try to sum up why I will never join the cult.


Women finally realize feminism has failed

October 2009

Women finally realize feminism has failed.

They see themselves becoming a ever increasing minority in their own country aging looks are eroding fast and they know there will not be SS## when they retire. They don’t have kids and / or not enough to take care of them. What even worse is the way they raised the kids they do have.


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