Anne Marie Waters: US, Canada not safe from European-style attacks

April 2017

It’s an attack against our very way of life.

In England, we were confronted with calls to “keep calm,” like those heard during the Blitz in World War II. But those slogans don’t apply, because at least back then, the West fought back against its enemy. Not today. We certainly didn’t call people “Nazi-phobes”…


Was The Chemical Attack In Syria A False Flag?

April 2017

Owen Shroyer and Lee Ann McAdoo look at the timeline of past events and what they know from today’s events so far to construct a theory that may indicate a false flag in Syria.

Something is very fishy with the official narrative of sarin gas being used by Assad’s regime, in Syria, against his own people.


BBC News Caught Staging FAKE News Chemical Attack In Syria

November 2016

A leaked CNN video and a Truth Seeker RT documentary details the multiple times the corporate media has staged fake news to get the West into war.

What follows is shocking evidence that crisis actors, green screens, CGI, and paid propagandists are being used to fake worldwide events in order to scare people into giving up liberties and sending us into war.


Natural Treatments for Diabetes

July 2015

Today I’m going to share with you my top tips for reversing diabetes (for Type 2) and natural treatments for diabetes.

If you follow this specific diet, supplementation, essential oil regimen, and lifestyle tips, you will see results fast.


25 SECRETS Flight Attendants Know That You Don’t

March 2017

These days, most people have flown at least once. But do you really know what goes on behind the scenes? You may be surprised by some of it.

In fact, we can almost guarantee that you will be. So get ready because these are 25 Secrets Flight Attendants Know That You Don’t.


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