Plant a (Domain Name) Tree Today

January 2017

There’s a Chinese proverb that reads: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

The same holds true for anything in life, including domain name investing.

In the first 20 years of the commercial internet, the top 20 most expensive domain name sales of all time all sold for more than $5 million each. And they’re all in established industries like gambling, travel and investing.


Order of Magnitude Domain Name Pricing

February 2017

There’s no exact retail value for a domain name. Just like there’s no exact value for a physical piece of real estate. Period.

If you wanted to sell your home and you asked three Realtors to value your home, they would go into the Multiple Listing Service and pull from the past couple of years all the sales in your neighborhood of homes similar to yours in geography and size.


The New Goldrush: Domain Names

February 2017

There’s a gold rush going on. Get ya some of that!

I was recently running on my treadmill — because it’s the middle of winter here in Seattle and there’s snow on the ground — and I had this brainstorm, so I’m going to share it.


Sell Your Domain Name to Real Buyers

March 2017

Do you want to spam people, or do you want to spend your time reaching people who actually want to know your domain name is for sale?

As soon as I register a domain name, I get unsolicited marketing emails from web development shops.

As soon as I register a trademark, I get emails from legal firms soliciting for their services.


ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie

December 2014

A freelance computer hacker breaks into secret government contractor and downloads a program. He must choose between his own curiosity and the lives of his friends.

Get the limited edition, signed Blu-ray

Why would a hacker hack all these computers?


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