The Cancer HOAX Amazing Testimony

May 2012

How this Dr. Fought the Good Fight against the Powers that Be. The Government has spent Millions Attacking his Clinic through the FDA, all because he helps people get better by Healing their Diseases. Cancer is a very Big Business, and the Government Profits Tremendously as long as they are in Control and remain the Sole Arbiters of Life and Death.


War On Health — How Pharmaceutical Companies Slaughter Tens of Thousands of Americans Each Year

September 2013

War On Health — Full Documentary

This film delivers irrefutable evidence as to how pharmaceutical companies slaughter tens of thousands of Americans each year with impunity with deadly FDA-approved drugs.

See for yourself why clinical medical practice is advancing at a snail’s pace, while the federal government goes to extraordinary lengths to stamp out those who seek natural and more innovative approaches to disease prevention and treatment.


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