Sweden Is Turing Into A Muslim No-Go Ghetto

March 2016

Fair well, fair Sweden, it was really nice knowing you. The situation that Sweden (and Europe) is now facing is absolutely guaranteed to get worse in time, unless action is taken now.

Social cohesion?

I don’t think so.

The idiotic, insane lefty feminist PC liberals are the cause of this madness.


Sweden has died. Do not allow your country to be next…

June 2016

This video I found explains what mass muslim migration has done to Sweden and the bleak future Sweden has over the next few decades.

The swedes far left liberal approach has destroyed their own country. Sweden is no longer the image you once had…..Swedenstan has arrived.


David Icke – Donald Trump

January 2017

Political power is a huge frame up for our society.

Even if people expect a lot from Donald Trump, mainly out of utter frustration, chances are they’ll be generally deceived, in four years.

It seems Donald Trump has accepted a 20 billions handout from the Rothschild. That’s pocket change, for them. This way, they still control the United States and the world, through shady politic and the military.


The true intent of Muslims, they hate us: The Facts

December 2016

Make no mistake about it folks, the Western world is now at war with the Muslims. They are invading our countries through legal loop holes in our system, and our governments have been infiltrated at the highest levels. It is now time to stand up against these pagans who have no intention of assimilating with us, in fact it is the exact opposite.


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