The true intent of Muslims, they hate us: The Facts

December 2016

Make no mistake about it folks, the Western world is now at war with the Muslims. They are invading our countries through legal loop holes in our system, and our governments have been infiltrated at the highest levels. It is now time to stand up against these pagans who have no intention of assimilating with us, in fact it is the exact opposite.


Ex-Muslim woman reveals Islam and warns Canadians to protect their children from Islam

January 2017

Benjamin Fjeld

Leftists have NO IDEA that TRUMP is saving theirs and their kids and their kids freedom and lives from Evil.

Islam is taking over the world slowly and when they arent the minority nomore, they will preform jihad, mark my words. Its happening in europa because our governments want global collapse. You should PRAISE Trump 4 what he is doing! check out the statistics.. the west preforms more abortions than births, and we will in 25 years not have the ability to save and keep our culture.


Life as an Ex Muslim Atheist in an Islamic State

February 2017

Recently, I hit 100,000 subscribers. Big milestone. To celebrate, here’s my trip to Pakistan, an Islamic State, as an apostate.

He’s from Canada and loves this country but when he went back to Pakistan, he got a taste of the closed-minded Muslim world. Free speech is really a Western World thing which doesn’t exist in Islam. In fact, voicing what you REALLY think can get you killed, nothing less.


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