CBC celebrates white genocide

December 2016

Canada’s state broadcaster just released one of the most racist videos on the internet — hailing a white genocide — and they did it all with your tax dollars.

Now, some background for our non-Canuck viewers:

The CBC gets $1.6 billion every year (which, yes, even in Canadian monopoly money, is a lot of dough.) Read more...

If Virtue Signalling was a Country it’d be Canada: A Warning for America

November 2016

Who doesn’t like Canada?

The Canadian sense of self-righteousness is world renowned and Justin Trudeau is destroying that.

Under Justin Trudeau, everything is wrong, in Ottawa where the majority of Canadians are sidelined and Muslims are being ramped up with massive immigration. The goal being to triple Canada’s population by the end of the century but that growth will be mainly Muslim and rest assured with that wholesale plan, Canada will become a Sharia Law country. Read more...

Feminists vs Nationalists | Stockholm Train Station “RAMPAGE” LIE

February 2016


This lie is being perpetuated worldwide that leaflets being handed out is a hate crime.
What amazing times we do live in.

Partial Links used in Video:


Swedish Police Report
https://polisen.se/Arkiv/Handelsearki…

Black Lives Matter: The Rise of the “DINDU”

March 2016

Michael Brown was a man, who robbed a liquor store and at the same time assaulted its clerk. He then went on to attack a police officer and attempted to hijack his weapon and was shot in the ensuing scuffle.

And to top it all off, Black Lives Matter (BLM) got its start and first martyr. Also many in his community and then nationwide tried to claim him to be an innocent “gentle giant.” Read more...

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