Why You Should Use Airplane Mode

March 2016

Clearly the surveillance state succeeded in attaching tracking devices to everyone’s body. Who needs microchips when people willingly spend hundreds of dollars on smart phones? Question. Have you ever taken a look at the user agreements in some of the apps you use? Just about all of them say that they will share your location data and many say in the fine print that they can record audio in real time. Even the most mundane apps, say a video game or strobe light feature, will track and surveil you sharing your data with corporate affiliates.


Weaponized cell tower features large kill radius

February 2016

With the standard cell tower capable of producing mega watts of microwave radiation, they’ve become the perfect weapon against an invasion.

Look at the Google Chrome logo, it’s composed of three sixes (6-6-6) and it could be another clue as to what’s going on with this giant corporation which is solidly entrenched into your life.


Elite Are No Longer in Control, They’re scared to death.

January 2016

Time to spread the word to the Other 75%

Note: I have decided to refrain from using the inappropriate term (Elite) to describe those who have maneuvered their why into such positions of power. hence fourth I suggest we begin using the more appropriate term”Polyp” (a type of Parasite). This will also begin to remove their perceived authority, I promise they will not like it.
I may make a video in this regard for I feel it is that important.


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