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ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie

December 2014

A freelance computer hacker breaks into secret government contractor and downloads a program. He must choose between his own curiosity and the lives of his friends.

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Why would a hacker hack all these computers?



February 2015

What happens when you start to explore the simple nature of the Placebo with respect and humility?

7:13 Law of one
8:22 A de-central Brain
8:45 Bruce Lipton – Simple Newton
9:40 Peter Fraiser – Chemical meds!
12:33 Dietmar Cimbal – Primary Mind Physics
13:23 Individual Cells – Communication
13:53 Out of body experience – Thought Healing
15:47 Herman Koning – What you think is right*
16:04 Intention effects on the Immune system
16:40 The Couples experiment – Compassionate Intention Program*
16:45 Intention Belief – Thought is energy – I am better*
19:07 Belief systems affect lifestyle
19:30 Arielle – Thoughts create body – positive thoughts / chemicals
19:58 Believe itself – Evidence
20:44 Study Houston – Arthritis – Fake surgery
21:19 Think about going to the gym*
21:58 Bruce Lipton – Placebo effect 33% effective*
23:23 Focus on the nature of the placebo
24:04 Placebo energy fields – 1 has to believe TV Focus
25:12 Wanting Children – Headaches Tumours and Hormones*
27:20 NLP where you want be?
27:50 NLP Discovery – Family experience no children
27:42 Angry at tumours?
31:51 Howard Martin – Emotional Diet*
32:51 Lynn Mctagart – Zero Point field – subatomic particles
33:48 Bruce Lipton – The field is the SOUL governing agent*
35:25 Worship emotion – Space in a cathedral
36:40 James Oschman – Ice skaters – non describable nervous system
38:13 we need a field system to explain the body*
39:02 Brains are not as described
40:38 Kidney Healed at distance
43:08 Fritz Popp – Bio Photons
45:03 Genetics DO NOT control the body*
48:42 Morphogenic Field systems
50:33 Body fields communication
52:02 Human Body is structured information
52:40 Heart fields
53:07 Heart signals
53:40 Heart em signal information career for emotions*
54:30 Coherent rhythm synchronises
54:49 Positive emotions – negative emotions
55:24 Heart coherence – starts with the heart
56:24 Heart Nervous system
57:00 Intuition heart field time prediction study*
59:48 Heart Brain Body Consciousness
59:22 Access to a field of info outside of time perception
1:00:01 Heart is the master brain
1:01:37 Food turns into body how?*
1:02:34 Information system from the field
1:03:15 Matter is? Information is?
1:04:24 Scalar wave field communication
1:04:52 Energy and information interchangeable*
1:06:26 Disease is scrambled information
1:06:50 Thyroid cancer / CFS / FM case
1:12:02 Thought field therapy – Heals negative thoughts***
1:13:38 Responsibility for health
1:14:57 Warfare model of disease **


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