More land & more life on the flat earth: worlds beyond the poles

August 2016

Inspired after the book ‘worlds beyond the poles’

A new look at the universe, we know the earth is flat but what if it doesn’t appear that way?

This book claims to be non-fiction, based on facts.

Could this explain the “stars” and “planets” and does this explain how we can get there? Read more...

David Icke – Is The Earth Flat?

May 2017

David speaks The Truth!

The Earth is round… or flat… or something else entirely. What we decode is what we often take as certainties.

What if there was a bigger picture?

Straight Talk on MMS – Guest: Andreas Kalcker

December 2009

Straight Talk on MMS – Guest: Andreas Kalcker

Straight Talk on MMS is a “TV style” interview show that focuses on the MMS (chlorine dioxide) phenomena by interviewing experts in the field. The goal of the show is to enlighten the public about this revolutionary discovery by Jim Humble. Read more...

Serrapeptase reduces inflammation and mucus in the body

October 2013

Serrapeptase can help to decrease inflammation and mucus in the body.

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme, which means that it chops up or digests protein. Serrapeptase is technically called Serratio Peptidase. Serrapeptase is a natural chemical taken from the silkworm. It is produced by bacteria in the gut of silkworms and is used to digest their cocoons. However, when this enzyme is isolated and coated in the form of a tablet, it can act as an anti-inflammatory, similar to aspirin, ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Read more...

MOST Incredible Secret Discoveries

July 2017

From Mummies to Mammoths here are the most incredible, unexpected and secretive discoveries ever made!

8 Tough Tusks

There have been many prehistoric animals discovered over the years, but few if any have be discovered quite like this one. In early 2014 on a construction site in seattle, while excavating, construction workers were dug up more than they bargained for. Up from the ground came an 8 and a half foot mammoth tusk. Paleontologists were quickly called in to investigate, and after carbon dating, it was estimated that the tusk is about 60 thousand years old. The tusk has since been put on display in museums, and caused a significant delay to the construction. Read more...

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