Why Kanye West and Alex Jones can HEAL race relations in America

May 2018

If Kanye West joined Alex Jones on InfoWars, it would be a significant healing event for race relations in America. While many “white” people voted for Obama in 2008 in the interests of racial unity, Obama only delivered hatred, division and heightened intolerance. But Kanye West could achieve what Obama only promised to deliver: Genuine healing through free thinking and genuine conversations about what we all have in common (rather than pushing differences to try to divide us). Read more...

Venezuela’s COLLAPSE could happen in the USA

May 2018

Venezuela is socialism on a display.

The mainstream media doesn’t want to expose socialism for what it is: a failed society, another one, in fact.

Mike Adams explains why the “Venezuala collapse” could happen in the USA as law and order collapse. Read more...

The EXECUTION of Baby Alfie by an organ HARVESTING hospital

May 2018

ANALYSIS: Alfie Evans was executed by lethal injection; Alder Hey hospital steeped in horrifying history of organ harvesting from human babies

Watching in horror the “health care” murder of baby Alfie Evans over the last few days, I’ve been gathering an array of stories and sources to bring you a detailed, definitive report of what actually went down. Until that full report is ready, however, it seems urgent to share with you the conclusion of my research: I am convinced that Baby Alfie Evans was executed by lethal injection, and the hospital that murdered him appears to be the center hub of a multi-decade baby organ harvesting crime ring that saw 100,000 baby body parts harvested and illegally held in hospitals all across Britain. (See multiple news sources, below.) Read more...

REAL video position statement on LGBT content

May 2018

In this Q&A segment for Real.Video Mike Adams is answering questions on what’s our policy on LGBT content. Request your content channel now at REAL.video.

NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passionately dedicated to our mission of educating people all over the world on the subject of natural healing remedies and personal liberty (food freedom, medical freedom, the freedom of speech, etc.). Read more...

This Doctor Hates Statin Drugs, Wait Until You Hear Why!

February 2015

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses cholesterol lowering statin drugs and their effect on the entire body. Find out why she does not like these drugs and what sort of benefit these drugs might have compared to potential risk factors.

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