May 2017

Whether you view fast food as an occasional indulgence, or a part of your weekly routine, you’re probably only used to ordering what you see on the menu.

And while we don’t blame you for that- after all, that’s what the menu is there for-why not try something different for once?

Live a little, and order off the menu less traveled.

Many of your favorite fast food chains offer secret menus that most customers have never even heard of. They carry everything from breakfast sandwiches to desserts, to massive burgers you won’t believe exist. We have all stepped inside the golden arches of McDonalds, but have you really taken advantage of their new breakfast hours?

You might be surprised that you can get crepes, or even a Brunch Burger now!

Five Guys and Burger King are both known for offering tantalizing side dishes, but we’ll show you some tricks to ensure you never have to choose between onion rings or fries, or fries and Cajun fries ever again.

You might think you’ve tried every combination of ingredients at Chipotle and Taco Bell, but we might just shock you with how some people choose to mix them up.

The mashed potatoes at KFC are heavenly, but have you ever considered ordering them as anything other than a side dish?

If you already have trouble choosing your favorite beverage at Starbucks or Jamba Juice, you might be totally overwhelmed when you see how many options they have that aren’t even on the main menu!