February 2017

Did you know that there are psychological tricks that can make your life better? It’s true!

These psychological tricks are easy to do and the rewards are huge! So get ready because we are about to give you 25 Psychological Tricks That Really Do Work.

25 Psychological Tricks That Really Do Work | List25

  1. Gifts
  2. Passive voice
  3. The 10 minute trick
  4. Confidence
  5. Fear of loss
  6. The illusion of choice
  7. Door in face
  8. Foot in door
  9. Silence
  10. Open body language
  11. Mirroring
  12. Favors
  13. Agreement
  14. Tom Sawyering
  15. Admit the little things
  16. Neutrality
  17. The size-up
  18. Don’t argue your main point
  19. The baby smile
  20. Bite a pen
  21. Avoid “but”
  22. Using names
  23. Let people talk
  24. Phone interviews
  25. “Oh yea, I remember you telling me that.”

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