May 2014

Membrane Complex is a combination of calcium, magnesium and potassium and 2-AEP.

These minerals are found in your cell membranes, the outer walls of your cells which act as a protective layer for your cells.

Membrane Complex helps to strengthen your outer cell walls, which helps protect your cells from toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and pollutants. These attackers can only enter through the lipid pores of the cell membrane, but this combination of calcium, magnesium, potassium and 2-AEP helps to create a special sealing function in the cell membrane.

This was discovered in 1971, when research showed how calcium, magnesium, potassium and 2-AEP were very successful with sealing cell membranes to prevent penetration of peroxidase granules, a precursor to oxidative stress in the cells. It was also discovered that 2-AEP alters the membrane composition by allowing essential nutrients to enter the cell while blocking toxic substances.

In addition to keeping unwanted chemicals from entering your body at the cellular level, Membrane Complex also helps your cells absorb the essential minerals your body needs.

Membrane Complex was formulated by Hans A. Nieper, M.D. Dr. Nieper was one of the top physicians in the fields of cancer, multiple sclerosis, metabolism, aging, and cardiac disease. His patients included celebrities and politicians from around the world, including Ronald Reagan, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Anthony Quinn, and John Wayne. Nancy Sinatra praised Dr. Nieper as a “fabulous person, a recognized scientist, a marvelous doctor.”

Dr. Nieper published over 350 articles in medical journals and holds 131 International Patents on various natural therapies. His treatments for cancer and multiple sclerosis were reviewed and approved by the German Government. One of his most important precepts was: “Cancer cannot be treated as a local disease. Cancer infests the entire body; therefore, the entire body must be strengthened.” This is why he treated disorders at the cellular level with non-toxic substances.

After years of studying its effects, Dr. Nieper believed that “people taking 2-AEP hardly age, neither in their outward appearance nor by any other criteria like skin tissue elasticity, skeletal firmness, etc.”

2-AEP has also been shown to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels for people who are already within normal range. When you consume too much sugar, it raises the glucose levels in the red blood cells moving through your vessel and capillary systems. These high blood sugar levels can cause the small vessels to break down and rot, which creates big health problems for you.

Membrane Complex helps strengthen and seal your cells. So when you eat too much sugar,  the necessary minerals (calcium, magnesium and potassium) are protected in the cell to help regulate and utilize the glucose effectively. I explain this even further in my video.

Membrane Complex combines 400 mg of calcium (as calcium 2-AEP with 50 mg of elemental calcium), 400 mg of magnesium (as magnesium 2-AEP with 30 mg elemental magnesium), and 200 mg of potassium (as potassium 2-AEP with 40 mg elemental potassium).