March 2017

NOTE: Cell Towers are so toxic that they all be banned, as they are literally murdering everyone in the country. They are giant microwave ovens, as the American Cancer Society publicly admitted on their own website.

Cell tower worker: “It physically burned my hand. You’ll get burned on the outside but internally it blisters.” The burn is a work injury you can see. Other problems he said caused by the towers are not as easy to spot.

“Depression, I get headaches, mood swings,” Rivas said. “Things I’ve never gotten before.”

Fountain said an RF frequency over 20 percent is over the allowable limit by the FCC. He showed Team 10 RF frequency ratings from towers on a Del Mar rooftop that ranged from 20 percent to 150 percent.



March 2014

EMF Dangers Cell Tower Radiation Dangers – Be Aware of Where You Live and Work!

This video will show you some sights that most of us see on a daily basis. However, what most of us DO NOT SEE is the invisible world of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) influencing our human biology!

This video is a definite wake-up call, alerting you to become aware of the electromagnetic environment in which you live and work. Are you living or working next to a cell tower, next to or underneath high voltage power lines? Do you sleep with a major appliance, smart meter, or circuit breaker box on the other side of the wall?

These can be conditions which negatively influence our health and require us to develop new levels of awareness.

Remember, EMF radiation is not visible, yet it will still have a negative impact upon our bodies and health!