January 2011

Holly Riley is the parent of a fully recovered autistic child, her son Quinn. Quinn was diagnosed with Autism around the age of two and yet in a just a few short years, through the use of biomedical treatment and traditional autism therapies, Quinn was able to come out of the Autism fog. In this video Holly shares that:

• Quinn was fairly normal in his infancy, until about 1.5 years
• After his first birthday he exhibited unusual behaviors including spinning
• He wasn’t talking, even at two years of age
• Holly figured out that Quinn had Autism after reading a book, and then confirmed the diagnosis with the State Department of Education
• By 2.5 years of age Quinn was receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis
• At 2.5 years his first words were, “up, up, up”
• Holly and her husband researched Autism on the Internet and read what other families did, and one of those things was the removal of dairy and gluten; also called the Gluten Free Casein Free Diet
• They discovered Generation Rescue, a website devoted to helping parents understand biomedical treatment and what therapies help reverse Autism
• There are multiple medical problems with most children who have Autism, including severe gut issues as well as heavy metal poisoning
• Removing dairy and gluten from the diet created major improvement for Quinn, including more eye contact and social interaction
• They found a DAN! Doctor – Defeat Autism Now Doctor
• Quinn had constipation and diarrhea, and the DAN! Doctor treated those medical issues
• Quinn went through various detoxification protocols, called Chelation Therapy, using various forms of chelating agents and delivery methods
• They treated the gut dysbiosis (bad microorganisms in the gut) with anti fungal medications and Probiotics (friendly bacteria for the gut)
• They used mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy
• They gave Methyl B12 injections, and they found that the B12 improved speech, and gave him daily doses of the B12 injections
• They rented a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, which helped Quinn immensely
• They did the specific carbohydrate diet
• They did Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration
• Quinn had huge developmental spurts after doing the biomedical treatment.
• Quinn started Catholic Kindergarten and excelled immediately. In fact, he scored 98th percentile for speech in first grade whereas at 3.5 years he was in the 2nd percentile (via IBS Testing).

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Biomedical Treatment For Autism Success Stories For Parents

October 2014

The symptoms of Autism can be reversed and children with Autism can be improved or fully recovered when the right medical treatment for Autism is employed, especially when underlying biomedical problems are properly treated.

Some of these biomedical problems include food allergies, autoimmune issues, gut lesions, heavy metal toxicity, nutritional decencies, an inability to detoxify environmental toxins, mineral depletion, lowered immune function, vaccine poisoning and other medical problems. These medical problems can lead to constipation, toe walking, sensory overwhelm, inability to communicate, spinning, toning, poor digestion, pain, head banging, jumping, ear pulling, and many other behaviors related to being malnourished, burdened with toxins, in extreme pain and/or being incapable of processing the outer world through the senses.

Biomedical treatment seeks to uncover these root problems associated with Autism symptoms and to then treat these autistic symptoms with biomedical treatments that treat the many underlying causes of Autism symptoms. Some of these treatments may include things that will help with detoxification, such as chelation therapy, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, B12 injections and glutathione injections. Other treatments may include nutritional supplementation, Vitamin D3 supplementation and the adoption of a gluten free casein free diet. The use of digestive enzymes, probiotics, anti-fungal drugs and the adoption of the Body Ecology Diet (fermented foods) may be employed. And there are many, many other medically valid treatments that will help treat the root causes of Autism and Autism symptoms so that the body can start to heal itself and repair the damage that’s been done.

The result? Children with Autism get better, and some even fully recover to the point where they no longer have the symptoms of Autism!

Other therapies are often required, by the way (e.g., such as found at The HANDLE Institute – www.handle.org), but by helping the body heal the medical problems it has, the other therapies will work better to help the autistic child or adult have a better chance at significant recovery or full recovery from Autism.

Although the Autism Research Institute (www.autism.com) no longer uses the phrase DAN! Doctor (Defeat Autism Now Doctor) to denote credentialed doctors who have taken additional training in biomedical treatment for Autism, the phrase DAN! Doctor is still used by many to specify a doctor who uses biomedical treatment for autism. These doctors also treat vaccine-injured children and understand the complexities of vaccine injury.

Holy Riley, fully recovered child

Becky Peabody Estepp, greatly improved child

Wren Schwind, improved child

The Fabric of Autism by Judith Bluestone
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