January 2017

Kind of a big ad for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) but still, this is an opportunity to see what these huge cruise ships are all about.

Obviously, these NCL cruise ships are an escape ONLY for the rich folks who can experience the utmost in cruise ship luxury. And there’s always another level above the one you purchased so you can set sail, again, with even more thrills that money can buy.

  • Norwegian Getaway – length : 1,068.4 ft (325.65 m)
  • Norwegian Breakaway – length : 1,068.4 ft (325.64 m)
  • Norwegian Epic – length : 1,081 ft (329.5 m)
  • Norwegian Escape – length : 1,069 ft (325.9 m)

These ships are comparable to the ones from the competition but NCL likes to portray them as the “top of line” models. It’s just basic advertising ; )