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New Technology, the Future, and Education: Peter Diamandis presents at CCSA Conference

  March 2016 Education has already been demonetized in many respects, as most of the information you’d learn in school is available online, for free. Coursera, Khan Academy, and schools like Harvard, MIT and Stanford have thousands of hours of high-quality instruction online, available to anyone on the planet with an Internet connection. But this is just the beginning. Soon the best professors in the world will be an Artificial Intelligence, an AI able to know the exact abilities, needs, desires and knowledge of a student and teach them exactly what they need in the best fashion at the perfect rate. Accordingly, the child of a billionaire or the child of a pauper will have access to the same (best)

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Science Of Persuasion

  November 2012 http://www.influenceatwork.com This animated video describes the six universal Principles of Persuasion that have been scientifically proven to make you most effective as reported in Dr. Cialdini’s groundbreaking book, Influence. This video is narrated by Dr. Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin, CMCT (co-author of YES & The Small Big). About Robert Cialdini: Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing, Arizona State University has spent his entire career researching the science of influence earning him a worldwide reputation as an expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation. Dr. Cialdini’s books, including Influence: Science & Practice and Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, are the result of decades of peer-reviewed published research on why people comply with

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11 Skills that Millionaires Master

  June 2016 One of the many things I firmly believe is that anybody who learns the skill sets of a millionaire can become a millionaire. When I say “anybody,” I mean anybody, minus people with legitimate limitations such as health and disabilities. And in this video I cover the 11 skill sets that millionaires master. #1: Persuasion – 4:00 #2: – Reading People —  6:00 #3: Sharing the Wealth – 8:04 #4: Leverage – 11:03 #5: Recruiting –  12:57 #6: Energy Management – 14:15 #7: How to Process Issues 16:07 #8: Time Management – 17:10 #9: How to Manage Money – 19:37 #10: How to Be Aggressively Patient — 21:26 #11: Learning – 24:12

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The 9 Love Languages of Entrepreneurs

  June 2016 One of the best relationship books out there that I think everybody ought to read is The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s phenomenal. The five love languages he talks about are : Quality Time, Words of Affirmation (saying nice things), Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. Just like there are five love languages in a relationship, there are nine love languages that great entrepreneurs learn how to speak with their teammates. I’m going to cover that here with you today. #1: We Need You — 1:17 #2: Recognition – 2:43 #3: Praise and Encouragement – 5:23 #4: Clear Direction – 6:17 #5: Vision – 7:07 #6: Dream – 8:22 #7: Involvement – 9:41 #8: Challenging Someone – 10:27 #9: Listening – 13:09

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9 Things that Turn Off Potential Customers

  June 2016 Very rarely will you hear people talk about the topic of what turns off potential customers, but I think it’s an important topic to cover. So in this video, I cover the following 9 things that can turn off potential customers. #1: Smoking Cigarettes — 0:44 #2: Odor – 3:55 #3: Small Lies – 5:51 #4: Too Pushy — 6:19 #5: Too Soft – 6:50 #6: Look at the Eyes – 7:32 #7: Delivering on Promises 8:01 #8: Façade/Authentic – 8:57 #9: Discipline with Health — 10:51

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12 Mistakes I Made My First Year as an Entrepreneur

  May 2016 Today I want to talk to you about the dumbest mistakes I made my first year as an entrepreneur. As I was making a list of all of the dumb mistakes I made, I realized that this episode could have lasted six, seven, or even eight hours, but instead of covering all of them, I’ll just share the 12 dumbest mistakes I made my first year as an entrepreneur. #1: I Almost Quit – 0:22 #2: Trying to Become CEO Too Early – 0:49 #3 Trying to Take Advice from Too Many People – 3:16 #4: Not Knowing How to Ask for Advice – 5:22 #5: Forcing Vs. Influencing – 7:08 #6: Living the Dream Too Early – 8:21 #7 Trying to Sell

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The Birth of ONE WORLD RELIGION – A Roman Catholic nun Exposes pope regarding one world religion

Pope’s proposal for ‘new humanism’ would ‘wipe out Christianity’ Roman Catholics you need to pray to the Father in Jesus name to lead you out of this Harlot. Multi-faith committee set up to spread Pope Francis’ claim that God wills ‘diversity of religions’ Pope Francis invites religious, political leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism’ Pope Francis launches Global Educational Alliance EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider says Vatican is betraying ‘Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of mankind’ The Bible speaks of a ONE WORD RELIGION which will be taken over by the Anti-Christ, us as Christians had no doubt that Satan will be using the Roman catholic church for this prophesy to come to pass, in fact the Vatican has

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Trump’s Zionist Ball & Chain, God is not a Real Estate Agent

AIPAC’s power comes not from Jews but from a small clique of criminal billionaires. They are nicknamed MEGA for the Mega Donors. I have exposed the methods of these criminals. They have three pillars: Banks / hedge funds Real Estate Media / films And they use bribery and blackmail to advance in all three. The same gambit is used to gain political leverage through bribery, blackmail, and controlling the press. Once in power it’s a game of ethnic nepotism. This film focuses on #2 the Real Estate Syndicate

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