Christine Herron: How Venture Capital Works

  January 2013 Christine Herron, Managing Director Intel Capital: VC101 (Angel Edition) How the venture capital business works, & how angel investors can leverage venture dynamics for success in their portfolio. Learn what motivates VCs, the basics of the venture fund business model, & how VCs build their own businesses to last. Understand how venture […]

Venture Capital – What are the steps to get venture capital?

  April 2015 How does gaining capital from a venture capitalist work? What I mean to ask is what are the steps? From finding one to closing the deal. What would you ask venture capital industry insiders if you had the chance? What they’re looking for in investors? How to assemble an investment-worthy team? Or […]

The 5 Steps of Growth Hacking – Perry Belcher

  March 2015 How to double the sales and triple the profits of almost any business in 90 days or less. Growth hacking is all the rage with SMEs who look to get higher sales but like anything, it’s multi-faceted and it needs a good measure of your best judgement.

The Business Of Alpha M (Honest and Open Discussion About $$$)

  February 2014 Aaron Marino of alpha m. wants to take a few minutes about his vision of alpha m. He thinks it’s important to maintain transparency for credibility and respect. Viewers are the commodity in the Internet. All the sites want you as the more traffic, the more valuable the site. Some sites want […]