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Why Women Get Over Breakups Quicker

  January 2013 Coach Corey Wayne discusses why a woman will break up with you and tell you that she still loves you, but date and sleep with other men days or weeks after your breakup, when you’re still licking your wounds. I you’re the one getting dumped and it wasn’t your choice, you messed up. I doesn’t matter what you say, if you get dumped, it’s your fault. Now, you need to take some personal responsibility. If she loss interest in you, it may have been different if you did things right, in the first place. It’s up to you to be sure you keep some level of interest in your relationship, if you want it to work.  

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How to Get Over a Breakup

  February 2015 This video has taken off in a way I didn’t anticipate. I’m immensely touched by the ability to help so many people through one of the more difficult things in life that we all experience. So many of you have written me and I wish there was a way for me to get back to everyone, but unfortunately that’s not realistic at this time. I wanted to link a few things that I think might help you even more. Sending you all lots of love and strength. xo If you think you knew your significant other and they did something unbelievable or you think they “changed”, read this: http://nurberxo.com/when-people-change/ If you want to be a breakup ninja in

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Inspirational Video – To the Broken-Hearted and the Lonely

  January 2010 Ever-present love, an eternal message we need to recognize. http://www.CreativeGeniusInstitute.com Inspirational video to the broken-hearted, the lonely, and others who will find love again. By Brian Vaszily, Founder of The Creative Genius Institute, author of the #1 international bestseller, The 9 Intense Experiences. Basically, choose kindness. You’ll see the spirit of love move through their body, even for a short moment before they raise back their walls. Because they ram through life and don’t understand their meaning here.

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Heightened Awareness compared to Perceptual Advancement

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Pza7cPOjDg   May 2016 In this segment, Doug points out the difference between fist cognition expansion of awareness and advancement of perception. Mandala art by Richard Redhawk. The New Paradigm Transcripts: https://www.createspace.com/6116456 http://www.dougmichaeltruth.com/

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First Cognition and Perceptions of Negativity

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwPQoIcdk5Y   May 2016 In this segment, Doug discusses negativity and explains why avoiding what is perceived as negative is an unhealthy, new age, doctrine of docility. He also introduces new terminology to describe conscious advancement. Photography by Rob Mirage. Mandalla art by Richard Redhawk. The New Paradigm Transcripts: https://www.createspace.com/6116456 http://www.dougmichaeltruth.com/

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Tim Ferriss – Become Superhuman at Any Skill

  April 2015 Tim Ferriss is a stand out entrepreneur, author, consultant, athlete, bio-hacker, life-hacker, and friend. If you haven’t heard of him yet, who knows where you’ve been. But in this episode of the show, I wanted to learn some things about Tim that I and most people don’t know. So we talk about being bullied as kids, about who his mentors were growing up, about him getting really beat up doing some stunts recently, and about his most irrational fears. One of the most exciting things we talk about is his new TV show The Tim Ferriss Experiment. It is amazing to say the least and it’s launching this week. Tim took on the superhuman challenge of becoming as good

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Tom Bilyeu on Taking Responsibility For Every Aspect of Your Life in Order to Achieve Your Dreams

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6lc8GqM6Dg   September 2015 President and co-founder of Quest Nutrition answers questions from Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, and the live IQ audience about how to break out of your addictive habits, push beyond what you think is possible, and achieve success by taking total responsibility for everything that happens to you. Find your Passion. Evolve your Mindset.  Grow with us. Tom Bilyeu’s 5 Tips to Success: http://quest.to/TomsTips In This Episode: Trying to Become a Jedi The Importance of Vulnerability Being Honest with Yourself Tom’s Film School Story Tom’s Letter to Himself

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Creating a Passion-Driven Business and Life – Tom Bilyeu

  July 2015 Tom is not only an amazing human being, husband, entrepreneur, and businessman, but he has helped build Quest to become the 2nd fastest growing company in North America! What really hits home for me about Tom and his mission, however, is that it isn’t about making millions and breaking growth records. Tom’s company is built on a deep desire to serve others by addressing a core part of health issues – lack of truly clean food products to fuel an amazing life. I loved getting under the hood with Tom about how they hire and fire at Quest, his thoughts on marriage and kids, and how he has developed killer self-awareness through the years. Welcome to the gold

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iJustine Tells How She Became a Social Media Celeb

  July 2015 If you’ve been on social media for a little while, there’s a huge chance that you know who iJustine is. In fact, she has the 5th largest social media following of any woman on the internet. No joke. I have wanted to bring her on The School of Greatness for a long time to hear how she built her following and it’s finally happened. Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine on her YouTube channel) is an incredibly fun and interesting woman who started off her internet obsession in middle school when she built her own website. She then proceeded to become an awesome gamer, social media star, actress, and producer and is one of the top internet celebrities today. In our conversation

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Michael Hyatt on Living Forward with Lewis Howes

  April 2016 Michael S. Hyatt is an author, blogger, speaker, and the former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Hyatt’s publishing career began at Word Publishing while a student at Baylor University. http://michaelhyatt.com/ http://livingforwardbook.com/

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The Birth of ONE WORLD RELIGION – A Roman Catholic nun Exposes pope regarding one world religion

Pope’s proposal for ‘new humanism’ would ‘wipe out Christianity’ Roman Catholics you need to pray to the Father in Jesus name to lead you out of this Harlot. Multi-faith committee set up to spread Pope Francis’ claim that God wills ‘diversity of religions’ Pope Francis invites religious, political leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism’ Pope Francis launches Global Educational Alliance EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider says Vatican is betraying ‘Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of mankind’ The Bible speaks of a ONE WORD RELIGION which will be taken over by the Anti-Christ, us as Christians had no doubt that Satan will be using the Roman catholic church for this prophesy to come to pass, in fact the Vatican has

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Trump’s Zionist Ball & Chain, God is not a Real Estate Agent

AIPAC’s power comes not from Jews but from a small clique of criminal billionaires. They are nicknamed MEGA for the Mega Donors. I have exposed the methods of these criminals. They have three pillars: Banks / hedge funds Real Estate Media / films And they use bribery and blackmail to advance in all three. The same gambit is used to gain political leverage through bribery, blackmail, and controlling the press. Once in power it’s a game of ethnic nepotism. This film focuses on #2 the Real Estate Syndicate

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