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The Trudeau Foundation Exposed

  December 2016 Press For Truth Presents: The Trudeau Foundation Exposed Support us on Patreon ➜ http://www.patreon.com/PressForTruth The pay to play scheme from crony globalist Justin Trudeau. Justin turns back the clock on progress and civilization. Expose Justin Trudeau’s ongoing corruption.

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War On Health — How Pharmaceutical Companies Slaughter Tens of Thousands of Americans Each Year

  September 2013 War On Health — Full Documentary This film delivers irrefutable evidence as to how pharmaceutical companies slaughter tens of thousands of Americans each year with impunity with deadly FDA-approved drugs. See for yourself why clinical medical practice is advancing at a snail’s pace, while the federal government goes to extraordinary lengths to stamp out those who seek natural and more innovative approaches to disease prevention and treatment. The war against our health has penetrated government, academia, and the media to such a degree that no sound-bite explanation will expose the magnitude of the problem we face. But this film does! So do yourself a huge favor. View War on Health* here and now… because you need to

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Murdered Holistic Doctors Update

  February 2016 Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Joseph Mercola and family members of murdered holistic doctor Jeffrey Bradstreet, joined Foster and Kimberly in the ThriveTogether Think Tank to dive deeper into what the recently murdered holistic doctors knew, the links between them, and what we can do about it. For more information on this subject please be sure to review critical information uncovered by Foster, detailed here in his blog: http://bit.ly/1JOM6uK For future updates, sign up to Foster’s mailing list: http://bit.ly/Thrive-News

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Why the Jewish Elite Hates Donald Trump

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV2GhOkQ1yY   March 2016 http://www.DavidDuke.com/ Dr. David Duke analyzes why the Jewish Establishment both Right and Left – hate and fear Donald Trump. Amazing! Historian and Former Member of the House of Representatives-LA explains the massive hate campaign against Donald Trump and the panic in the Zionist media, banking and political establishment over his rise the nomination and positive presidency in America.

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Wikileaks Explodes! MSNBC/WSJ/NYTimes/WashPost! Media Blackout Ending! Chelsea Comes Clean!

  October 2016 The Clinton corruption is now being covered by MSM. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Bloomberg , and Washington Post. The tide has turned. Wikileaks has finally burst the Clinton bubble. There is no turning back now. There has been a media blackout for months while the MSM kept blaming everything on the Russians. Seems that barrier is now broken and the truth is coming out big time. Trump will be all over this in his rallies. Even if Hillary becomes president, the Clintons are going down. She should withdraw and go into hiding!

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Chaos On The Hannity Set! Judge “arrest her, indict her, send her to jail”! Immediate Grand Jury!

  October 2016 It got a little crazy on Hannity last night! The pitchforks are out and Hillary is the pig! String her up immediately! This is much bigger than anyone knows! Does anyone really believe that Comey all of a sudden stumbled on this information? Or, is it much more likely that agents in the FBI or other organizations had the information all along and threatened Comey with either coming clean or they would leak it! Really! I don’t believe for a New York second that Comey was not already aware of this. Listen to Hannity’s Theory! He is dead on. Huma and Wiener are the scapegoats!

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Mystery of Paralyzed and Dying Children Discovered

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejSWHlOJyFc   October 2016 Alex Jones breaks down how vaccines are paralyzing and killing tens of thousands of children across the globe. Alex Jones breaks down how vaccines are paralyzing and killing tens of thousands of children across the globe.  An article in the Los Angeles Times recently admitted that “hundreds of children across the country have shown up at hospitals unable to move their arms or legs” with dozens more paralyzed in the last few months alone. The symptoms and ages of the victims are nearly identical to incidents in countries such as India where children given the polio vaccine experienced horrific adverse reactions. “India’s health ministry, celebrating a year of freedom from wild polio, now faces a dilemma that public health

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You Need To See This: The UN Just Approved A Depopulation Agenda – Goes into Effect November 4th 2016

  October 2016 The United Nations now owns the climate, in a rather sweeping move for control of the weather – the UN successfully adopted the Paris Agreement into its agenda. Citing that Climate Change is the most important issue of our time, environmentalists across the globe have offered solutions that range from cutting emissions to depopulation. According to Travis N. Rieder, Bioethicist and philosopher at the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, the people of the world must stop having children – immediately. Although Travis has a child of his own, this individual believes that the government should creep further into our private lives and limit the number of children a family is allowed to produce, similar to China. The

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Former President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg: 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE

Frank Clegg is serving us a warning, we need to hear what’s he’s telling us. If you want to further your research, use these links: Americans For Responsible Technology 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit Environmental Health Trust Parents For Safe Technology Physicians For Safe Technology Physicians Health Initiative For Radiation And Environment 5G Crisis 5G Remedies 5G NZ 5G-Free New Zealand Canadians 4 Safe Technology Center For Safer Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Electric Sense EMF Analysis EMF Safety Network The Baby Safe Project We Are The Evidence You honestly can’t have this many (credible) people denouncing 5G and not take notice so do your research because 5G is here. Unfortunately. Frank Clegg has spent over 40 years in the technology

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Metformin side effects

For more information on how to treat the causes of diabetes visit the Diabetes series playlist: ↠ http://bit.ly/TheDiabetesSeries Subscribe to the Channel channel for more symptoms and side effects videos: ↠ http://bit.ly/Sub2MillpondY2be In 2010, there were 25 million people in America diagnosed with Diabetes. Since then that has increased to 29 million, a 10% increase in just 5 years. Diabetes is an epidemic. Treatment should be designed to treat the cause, not the symptom. Do you know someone with Diabetes or considering Metformin? Share this video with them directly: ↠ https://youtu.be/4d0qkp8R-1s Thank you for watching!

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Christa Orecchio: Heal the Gut, Heal Your Life

“Really, we are more microbial than we are human, that’s why gut health is so important.” – Christa Orecchio In this talk from Wanderlust’s Speakeasy, clinical and holistic nutritionist Christa Orecchio explains the role the human microbiome plays in our overall wellness. In America we have over 64 million people currently struggling with digestive health. From Crohns to colitis, IBD and other gut disorders, our overuse of antibiotics, elevated stress levels and unhealthy eating patterns have led us down a path of compromised immunity. Through her practice of natural medicine, Christa explains the importance of finding the root of disease and learning to treat the cause instead of just the symptoms. In this talk we will learn how to heal

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