Depression: Cause and Effect

  November 2011 A documentary I made about Major Depressive Disorder aka depression, the signs and symptoms, therapy, antidepressants, self harm and suicide.

Major clinical suicidal depression and recovery

  January 2012 When my family finally convinced me to go to a mental hospital, I was diagnosed as suicidally depressed. Well, I could have told you that. What did surprise me is they diagnosed me as what they called the worst kind of depressive — a “smiling” depressive. This kind of depression is masked […]

Depression & Anxiety – What Helped Me

  April 2014 Definitely not my normal upload, and I know it won’t interest everyone, but I hope some people find it helpful. After my last video on the topic I appreciated all of the feedback and comments so much, and I wanted to be honest about my journey the past few months! Thanks to […]

My Story: Overcoming Depression & Anxiety

  August 2014 I do not want any sort of sympathy from anyone, this is nothing more than sharing my story/struggles with you all. No matter what you are going through in your own lives, always know that you are NOT alone and that you can overcome any struggle given time. You are all so […]

Message to depressed young men

  January 2012 A message to depressed young men from a mother who lost her son to suicide. In July,  police knocked on the door to announce her son committed suicide and she has to live with that, for the rest of her life. It also affected lots of people he knew. She wants to […]