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What self-driving cars can learn from brainless slime mold

  May 2018 Slime mold is a single-celled bit of goo that you’d find under a log in the woods. It’s also a master decision-maker, capable of weighing risk and reward in ways that make scientists question what intelligence really is. We grew slime mold of our own, and watched it tackle some amazingly complicated problems that could even help create better algorithms for self-driving cars.  

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Microsoft Build 2018 keynote in under 5 minutes

  May 2018 Day two of Microsoft Build 2018 keynotes was all about Windows. Much of it won’t be widely available until later this year, but here’s the most exciting stuff that Microsoft had to share. For more on the future of Microsoft, check out Dieter Bohn’s interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgFUZ…       And here’s the FULL KEYNOTE from Microsoft. It’s a tad long but there’s a lot of innovative material so this is a good time to develop, for Microsoft.  

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You’re probably damaging your ears. Stop!

  May 2018 Persistent sounds damage your ears. Your mom is right! Once you lose your hearing, there’s no going back. The hairs and the nerves can die and they’ll never regenerate. Many of us are listening to headphones for several hours a day. Our ears may feel fine, but ear damage is slow and subtle…and irreversible. In this episode of Gadget Myth-Busting, Ashley Carman interviews doctors to find out if her music and podcasts are damaging her ears. She also goes around New York City testing different headphones to see which is the safest.  

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How to save your eyes from screens

  April 2018 The average person stares at various screens for ten hours a day. How does this affect our vision? Are screens causing permanent damage to our eyes? And most importantly, what can we do to improve our experience? In this episode of Gadget Myth-Busting, tech reporter Ashley Carman speaks with ophthalmologists and other experts to find out if – and how much – we’re damaging our eyes.  

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Google I/O 2018 keynote in 14 minutes

  May 2018 Google’s I/O 2018 keynote had a bunch of major announcements about Android P, Google Assistant, and more. Here’s the most important news to know. Also a view of Waymo in Phoenix, Arizona with neural networks for self-driving cars. Artificial intelligence is changing the world!  

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The Real Reason to be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence | Peter Haas | TEDxDirigo

  December 2017 A robotics researcher afraid of robots, Peter Haas, invites us into his world of understand where the threats of robots and artificial intelligence lie. Before we get to Sci-Fi robot death machines, there’s something right in front of us we need to confront – ourselves. Peter is the Associate Director of the Brown University Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative. He was the Co-Founder and COO of XactSense, a UAV manufacturer working on LIDAR mapping and autonomous navigation. Prior to XactSense, Peter founded AIDG – a small hardware enterprise accelerator in emerging markets. Peter received both TED and Echoing Green fellowships. He has been a speaker at TED Global, The World Bank, Harvard University and other venues. He holds

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The Surprising Future of Steam Power | Robert Green | TEDxMissionViejo

  January 2017 Robert is devoted full time to developing inventions, writing and applying for patents on a wood-working system, a windmill, a rotary conversion device and a steam engine (six patents). Here he shares his idea about how the Electrical Grid and be replaced with a simple steam engine, that not only creates clean energy but saves dramatically on energy waste. At age 15, he hitchhiked to Chicago to begin a new life on his own. Mechanical skills learned on the farm provided the means to stay off the streets and utilize that knowledge. In 1964 he founded Turin Bicycle Company with smoke-damaged bicycles he obtained from a warehouse fire. The business flourished and Robert sold it the following

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The Blue Battery, for a sustainable and independent world | Mei Nelissen | TEDxUtrecht

  February 2016 Our energy network is extremely vulnerable; we are completely depended on energy generated by power stations, one attack on those and we lose our electricity and with that most of our power. Moreover, more energy is generated than is directly needed, the surplus is then wasted. Nineteen year-old Mei Nelissen has, together with a research group, come up with the Blue Battery, a device which enables us to store and generate electrical energy safely and more sustainable. Nineteen year old Mei Nelissen is studying Biology. In her final year of high school, she did a research project with Lotte van der Velde and Eline Jagtenberg and in cooperation with Wetsus, which has led to the invention of

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Making Safe Nuclear Power from Thorium | Thomas Jam Pedersen | TEDxCopenhagen

  November 2016 Thomas Jam Pedersen, engineer and co-founder of Copenhagen Atomics, was skeptical at first upon discovering and reading about thorium energy, which is present everywhere in the world and could technically provide an inexpensive energy supply for everyone for thousand years. While the world is still heavily relying on fossil fuels, thorium energy and nuclear reactors, which reuse nuclear waste, are now part of the energy debate, proposing a pollution-free solution that could provide an unlimited supply of fuel for the next millennium. Thomas Jam Pedersen aims to build a thorium molten salt reactor in Copenhagen, and introduce thorium energy to the public eye. Thomas Jam Pedersen is an engineer, who has extensive experience in software and simulations.

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On Feminism and Men’s Rights Activists (Pt. 1) | Cassie Jaye

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Cassie Jaye (Filmmaker, “The Red Pill“) about her views on feminism, Men’s Rights Activists, and her experience making her documentary “The Red Pill.”. Watch Part 2 of Dave Rubin’s interview with Cassie Jaye here: Be sure to also visit the “A Voice For Men” web site.

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Conservatism vs Leftism and Free Speech

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Ben Shapiro (Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Wire) about conservatism vs leftism, free speech on college campuses, gay marriage, gun control, his debate with Piers Morgan on CNN, and more.

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The Politics of Hollywood with Andrew Breitbart

Identified as one of the ten most important people in the media that nobodys ever met, Andrew Breitbart details why leftward-leaning Hollywood is dangerous for America and why the people who run it are uninteresting, vitriolic, and vicious. Segueing from Hollywood to the Internet, Breitbart explores why the right dominates talk radio and the left seems to do better on the Internet and how the decline of print media is changing the nature of the national political conversation.

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