December 2016

Canada’s state broadcaster just released one of the most racist videos on the internet — hailing a white genocide — and they did it all with your tax dollars.

Now, some background for our non-Canuck viewers:

The CBC gets $1.6 billion every year (which, yes, even in Canadian monopoly money, is a lot of dough.)

And, as is typical of all government entities, they’re constantly asking for more. One of the things they do a lot at the CBC is “diversity.” They’re steeped in it.

From daily headlines on racism and an unquestioning love of Syrian migrants to casting calls for talent that are “any race but Caucasian.”Seriously.

When the CBC isn’t busy reporting on how much they love Canada’s virtue signaller in chief Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and when it’s not preoccupied with tape-dates of its hit series “Little Mosque on the Prairie,” Canada’s state TV uses tax dollars to produce an objectively unfunny comedy program called “This Hour Has 22 Minutes.”

The show’s cast is prone to acting out skits to pitiful laugh tracks.

However, this week, the government comedians released a racist video hailing a homogenous utopian future, where white people are extinct.

A show whose producers, writers, actors, and editors are all bought and paid for by the Canadian taxpayer created a racist video about so-called “beige power”.You need to see it to believe it!