• The collapse is getting close, and if we were really smart, we would have already quit the internet to focus on preparedness and survival.
  • We’re long past the point of being able to stop the coming financial collapse.
  • A massive, systemic debt collapse is coming and cannot be stopped.
  • We should all be focused on massive preparedness efforts. If you were rational, you would have already moved out of the city.
  • Most people will be blindsided by the coming collapse. They have NO backup plan.
  • Most people have no plan to exit the city when the collapse accelerates.
  • Why fiat currencies always collapse.
  • Why cities become “death zones” in a collapse.
  • Local police will be overrun and unable to respond to your emergency. They all know they’re badly outnumbered vs. the gangs.
  • When it all hits the fan, don’t be standing in front of the fan. (Relocate in advance.)
  • After surviving the coming collapse, we must all help rebuilt a society founded in individual liberty and the prevention of totalitarianism.
  • Why adaptation and “survival of the fittest” will apply in any catastrophic collapse.
  • Humanity will always rebuild, but not everybody will survive to see it.

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