November 2017

Est low in sugar, low in rancid fats and low in foods that promote inflammation.


  1. White bread and even whole wheat because it promotes inflammation so get rid of gluten and dairy and that’ll make a huge difference.
  2. Remove the sugar, including cupcakes and such.

Then, go for…

  1. Lots of leafy green to regulate blood sugar levels and slow the digestion process.
  2. Clean proteins like eggs, lentils, chickpeas and such which reduce inflammation.
  3. Fit fats like coconut oil, grass-fed butter, avocado oil, walnuts, almonds.
  4. Fish oil, algae oil and flaxseed oil as well as hempseed oil which are good for salad dressings.
  5. Starchy carbs and fruits. Limit the glycemic load. Carrots, beets and such should be the size of a palm. And the fruit should be non-sweet, like berries, apples and pears. Stay away from the tropical fruits.

Reduce sugar intake to reduce inflammation which then makes it possible to reverse diabetes. Add exercise to help reverse diabetes.

Your environment will always trump willpower so get rid of the junk in your house. Setup your environment to win.

Then focus on one element per day, if it’s too hard to do it all at the same time.