July 2014

The NSA and DoD is f*ck*ng with us for the sake of Neo Nazi New World Order eugenics.

They use weaponized satellite / UAV spy drones (directed energy weapons) and chemtrail nanobyte mind control!

These weapons are slow / soft kill (covert murder) by cancer, morgellon’s disease, genetic diseases, blindness and mental illnesses.

If someone tells you they are being targeted by the government, listen to them. They may be psycho driven (V2K, voice to skull) to commit school shootings and mass murder to push government gun control. Help any and all targeted individuals as much as you can, no matter what! Don’t let these psychopaths kill off America and its citizens.

Don’t let them take your guns or your freedom of speech and privacy.

Fight for our rights and freedom, period.

Targets include the “influential”, “informed” and “undesired” but not limited to.


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