June 2016

Christy Robertson commented:

I like the names they come up with. Dr. Lube! Haha, I see a pun there… Another name I noticed awhile back, I think during the Sandy Hook load of bull shit was a lady by the name of Willow Bay. Will obey! F*ck this shit! I personally can’t stand being lied to.


C Hillman commented:

Conveniently this massacre will influence the idiots electing our future.


Dennis Gannon commented:

Thanks for the info, more proof of another fake, these are getting old!

Fake shooting events/false flags/frames/hoax:

  • 12-29-1890, Wound Knee Creek, South Dakota, 84 murdered by Government
  • 4-15-1912, Deliberate sinking of the HMS Olympic, disguised at Titanic, over 1500 deaths, for insurance scam.
  • 11-22-1963  JFK murder, Lee Oswald framed, most obvious frame in history.
  • 5-7-1968  MLK jr murder, James Ray framed
  • 6-5-1968 RFK murder, Sirhan Sirhan framed, 8 bullets fired, different directions, etc.
  • 8-21 to 8-31-1992 Ruby Ridge ID, 3 deaths, murder by government.
  • 4-19-1993 Waco TX, 80 deaths, murder by government.
  • 4-19-1995 Oklahoma City OK bombing 168 deaths, other bombs went off, proven by forensics.
  • 4-20-1999 Columbine CO, 15 deaths
  • 9-11-2001,  New York twin towers and Bldg 7, Pentagon, Pennsylvania plane Flight 93 shot down, not crash.  2996 deaths, most famous false flag event in history.  Media announced collapse of blgd 7 BEFORE it was taken down.  No explanation on Bldg 7 if phony commission report.
  • 7-7-2005, London England bombings, 52 deaths, false flag
  • 4-16-2007, Blacksburg VA, Virginia Tech, 33 deaths , Hoax
  • 7-20-2012, Aurora CO, Century 16 theater, 12 deaths, Hoax
  • 4-15-2013, Boston MA, Boston Marathon, bombing drill, 3 deaths, Hoax and frame
  • 7-9-2014, Spring TX, 6 deaths, Hoax
  • 12-14-2014 Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown CT, 20 children, most obvious hoax in history, drill at closed school.
  • 1-7-2015, Paris France, Charlie Hebno shootings, 11 killed, frame and hoax.
  • 6-17-2015 Charleston SC Church 9 killed, hoax
  • 8-26-2015 WDBJ news, Roanoke VA “shooting” of Alison Parker, Adam Ward, hoax
  • 10-1-2015  Umpqua Community College, Roseburg OR  10 deaths, hoax
  • 11-13-2015  Paris France, 130 deaths, hoax
  • 2-18-2016, San Bernardino CA, 16 deaths, 14 killed by shooters,  2 shooters killed by police, despite witnesses saying it was 3 male shooters, not a man and woman.
  • 2-20-2016, Kalamazoo MI, 6 killed, hoax, crisis actors
  • 3-22-2016 Brussels Belgium, 35 deaths, hoax, crisis actors
  • 6-1-2016 UCLA shooting hoax

And finally…

6-12-2016 Orlando FL, Pulse Nightclub, 50 deaths, hoax, crisis actors, no yellow tape for “crime scene” like real event, no immediate 911 calls played repeatedly like real events, no ambulances, there should have been tons. No pics of bullet holes, blood inside nightclub. No instant iphone pics of event at the time, would be played repeatedly at the time if event were real.

So many comparisons to real event don’t match with this hoax. No local news trucks on site at time of shooting and event like there would be at real event.

Fake victims being carried TOWARD the nightclub instead of AWAY, and then let go, and seen walking after the “camera” shot was over…