February 2016

Human rights advocate Paul Fromm invited Dr. Sears to lecture a standing-room only crowd on the topic of “Outrageously exercising free speech to create a ‘Truth Blitzkrieg’ to confuse and ultimately annihilate our ZioMarxist oppressors… without getting arrested”.

Issues discussed ranged from miscegenation to the “Nazi Holohoax” to bringing the Jews to Jesus to interracial harmony to Israel & the CIA carrying out 9-11.

Dr. Sears did not hold back as he effortlessly addressed even the most obscure and tricky of audience questions. If you are going to watch one video of Dr. Sears speaking, this video is the one!

Dr. James Sears is the leader of “The New Constitution Party of Canada”. For details on his party’s platform and his personal story, please visit http://www.NCparty.ca

Dr. James Sears is Editor-In-Chief of “Your Ward News”, the world’s largest Anti-Marxist newspaper. See the latest issue at http://www.yourwardnews.ca/ward32news… or find back issues at http://www.yourwardnews.com/backissue…

Information on Paul Fromm’s “Canadian Association For Free Expression” can be found at http://CAFE.nfshost.com