January 2016

An incredible body of information presented by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez about Cancer and the role of Metabolic type in relation to your diet.

A must watch for those who interested in Health and Well-being.

Dr Nicholas Gonzalez talks about Enzyme treatment for Cancer and the role of Metabolic type in determining suitable individual diet. He also talks about his mentor Dr. William Donald Kelley who pioneered Enzyme treatment for cancer and individualized diet.

Dr. William Kelley’s individualized diet is based on the principle of Yin and Yang body systems which is translated by the Western science as Parasympathetic and Sympathetic autonomic system.

I hope this presentation will help to put to rest the debates between Vegetarians and Paleo people. Because both practices are two sides on the same coin.

Sadly Dr. Gonzalez died mysteriously in July 21, 2015 under unknown causes. His practice is continued on by his colleague Dr. Linda Isaacs. Visit Dr. Gonzalez website to purchase his books and become Dr. Linda Isaacs’ patient.


For Dr. Kelley’s original Metabolic Type Self Test please purchase the book here:


For Dr. Kelley’s original book One Answer to Cancer visit here (this book had been suppressed and taken out of circulation by various government agencies and only available online):