January 2017

Benjamin Fjeld

Leftists have NO IDEA that TRUMP is saving theirs and their kids and their kids freedom and lives from Evil.

Islam is taking over the world slowly and when they arent the minority nomore, they will preform jihad, mark my words. Its happening in europa because our governments want global collapse. You should PRAISE Trump 4 what he is doing! check out the statistics.. the west preforms more abortions than births, and we will in 25 years not have the ability to save and keep our culture.

Allah is the Devil and the one world religion stated in the last days in the bible is ISLAM, by force, and they will behead all the infidels. Dont be stupid.


They are fooling us all, at least you leftist, blind nutjobs!!!



King Ralphil

if you give they an inch, they will take a yard. at the beginning they are nice but as soon as they fill comfortable, they start making demands. they will not respect the canadian values. Canadians are digging their own graves. why is this so hard to see. look at countries like sweden, germany, uk, france, belgium etc. they will not respect the canadian constitution. they believe in sharia. wake up world.


Sharia Law is a political agenda. It’s a tool they’re governed with. Whatever the Sharia Law says, Muslims abide by it (not Canadian Law).

Living under Sharia Law is hell.

No women’s rights. No gender equality. Just pure backwards and barbaric hell.

Totally INCOMPATIBLE with the Western World.