January 2015

5 million cartoons of Muhammad exist this week, that didn’t exist last week.

I cannot think of a more fitting way that people should express solidarity for Western ideals such as free speech, over a religious belief that things it operates above the laws of any country.

Its sad though that while many showed solidarity with those massacred in the Charlie Hedbo massacre, that there are still liberals who think that people shouldn’t be allowed to offend others.

Of those who show contempt for the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ protests was Jonathan McIntosh of Feminist Frequency.

Ironically, also in the news this week was Anita Sarkeesian, who is apparently now living in terror from ‘Gamer Terrorism’- even though the last place she talked at, the police (both local and federal) determined she, and everyone else was in no real danger.

The ABC report is one of the largest travesties of journalism I’ve ever seen. Worse in many ways than the UVA ‘gang rape’ accusations of Rolling Stone.


You really should watch Mr Deity tear the Pope a new one!