December 2016

Look what planets REALLY look like when observed through a close-up lens of a video camera.

The planets look like wobbly half-fruits with some halo around them. Venus looks like we can see through it, like our very own Moon.

Lots of interesting images, in this video.



1969. Interesting number isn’t it? That was the year you were told we went to the moon. Do you see anything suspicious about that number? Three 6’s? Nope. Nothing there. Keep moving.

So, let me get this right, while Russia was hammering out all sorts of “firsts” in space flight and the American perception being “frightened,” the NASA program went from zero to hero in the competition literally overnight? We went from being LAST in this “space race” to shooting up three men and then traveling almost 237,000 miles!?

Questions to consider:

1. Why haven’t we gone back if we went in the first place? Money? Really!?

2. We can send 3 men in 1969 roughly 237,000 miles in 3 days, put a robot on Mars, but we can’t even find an airplane that falls into our ocean?

3. Where are the live feeds or photos that will display for us the evidence that was supposedly left on the moon such as the flag?

4. Is it a coincidence that the government controls all of the powerful telescopes that would easily show us closeups of the moon?

5. Was JFK’s assassination because he was going to expose the fake moon landing?

6. Why was Stanley’s Kubrick’s film, “The Shinning,” filled with cryptic imagery regarding the Apollo 11 mission? Could it have been that Stanley was coerced to film the moon landing?
The photos that were taken on the moon are some of the worst fabrications in history.

These shadows can be explained by having more than one light source. If, however, they were on the moon, the Sun, being the only source of light, would not produce this.