June 2017

Get off Facebook, Facebook addiction -Why Facebook sucks. (best facebook video ever🙂)

Have you ever thought about getting of facebook permanently then this short video is for you. Facebook has gone from good to SHIT in a very short time and facebook addiction has become one of the biggest problems in 2017. Yes YOU really need to get off facebook for a while cause facebook sucks.

More and more especially young people has been sucked into this facebook addiction and has become facebook addicted or facebook addict, and the funny thing is many of us really want to get of facebook permanently and completely as soon as possible, but the problem is that they don’t have a clue on how to get of facebook. Who said facebook addiction disorder??

To get off facebook for good you got to be strong and can be tough and if facebook addiction already has got a hold on you it is hard to get off facebook completely and that’s why the number of facebook addicts is just rising.

How to get off facebook you might ask? and there are no easy solutions but you can start out my watching this short animated video “Get off Facebook (Facebook addiction) -Why Facebook sucks” let´s call it a “short facebook addiction funny video” and hopefully it will help you to get off facebook as soon as possible cause facebook really sucks in many ways

“Facebook shit and facebook sucks” someone once said and with all the evidence pointing to increasing facebook addiction all over the world this statement has turned out to be true. Young kids becoming facebook addicts without any clues on how to get off facebook for good to stop this addiction has become reality and if we don’t stop and think and do something about this problem facebook addiction will be one of the biggest social media problems in 2017.