Octobre 2015

Jews openly admit organizing mass-immigration of 3rd world people from Africa and the Near East into Europe and The United States. Their motivation is clear: Jews have been expelled by White Europeans over 100 times from various European countries (for no reason at all as they want you to believe), and since they don’t plan to change, they plan to change the population in Europe.

It’s Divide & Conquer Strategy.

If a Nation is too ethnically diverse and engaged in infighting, it has less strenght to oppose Jewish exploitation (banking system, cultural marxism, anti-white propaganda, etc.).

White People are already the most diverse people on the planet. Immigration actually REDUCES DIVERSITY by eliminating White traits like blond/red hair, green/blue/grey eyes, and much more.

If you like Blondes and Redheads with green or blue eyes, you better stand up against immigration of non-whites into our homelands.




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