January 2017

Jordan Maxwell exposes the traitors behind the American Federal Reserve who have sent the plates to print US money in Russia so that our enormous military industrial complex can have an enemy.

Going to war is good for business, for the elite, the traitors elite.

The US elite has done incredible harm to the world, on so many levels. The American people don’t really see how much they’re controlled through limited or no useful education.

The elite feeds you little crumbs to keep you functional but still, fully under the elite’s control. The super wealthy OWN YOU.

The super wealthy take care of their “stock”, their “cattle”. The provide food, water and shots to keep the masses alive, doing what the elite wants them to do. They keep the poor ignorant, they’re actually promoting ignorance. So fight for your basic human right to fight that toxic control matrix.

People need to have knowledge of this. Wake up and find out what America is really about.


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