June 2016

The NWO wants to program your children, along with the rest of us!

Please be aware of the symbolism & NWO themes presented in this movie.

I love the Kung Fu Panda series as it’s very entertaining & funny!

However I’m also aware of the agenda behind these movies. Our children are being targeted by the luciferian elites on a regular basis, one of their biggest platforms are the movies & TV shows our kids watch.

As parents, we need to be aware of what’s truly going on.

Kung Fu Panda presents some great lessons, however we also need to see the dark side that’s also being presented.

We need to teach ourselves & our children to be aware. We must watch movies with an alert mind so as not to be fooled & programmed! We must be vigilant in this day & age as the enemy’s campaign to brainwash the masses has been kicked into overdrive!

Another theme I noticed after completing this video was not only a mockery of the resurrection of Christ but I missed the resurrection of the saints, completely done in reverse with Po bringing back to life all of the other martial arts masters when he defeated Kai.

The devil is mocking Christ’s work any chance he gets so please be aware!


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