October 2016

So Laci Green just won a Streamy Award for ‘best science and education’. Seems like all that Social Justice Warrior stuff might be paying off for her!

However the internet seems pretty quick on delivering karma these days. Turns out she was also reporting smaller youtubers for dmca violations over fair use in thumbnails.

(Incidentally, this thumbnail mostly bought to you by @TheCartoonLoon).

Philip Defranco decided to cover this…. and of course Laci Green responded.

However I remember WAYYYYY back… before anyone ever made any money on youtube….. when Philip Defranco was a big name and laci was a nobody…. till he kinda promoted her… cos honestly before that, laci was going nowhere.

Sure she worked hard to get her breasts into the camera shot, but if people wanted to see that sort of thing, it aint hard to find.

Back in the day someone called her on it, and she got all ‘legally’ on them, threatening to DMCA their video, then to flag it as harassment.

Then years later, SargonofAkkad was DMCAed by Laci Greens ‘Braless’.

Now years later… the slow learner is submitting DMCA complaints about her face being used in thumbnails……just the person you want winning your ‘science and education award!’



November 2016

Laci’s guilty of a lotta things that we bouta go over today. How she still has the support she has after being exposed for so much is crazy.


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