October 2014

I love this. I had the measles and so did my siblings, cousins, classmates, friends and neighbors. We stayed home for a few days and then return to school. It was no big deal. But now they’re making it sound like it’s a horribly deadly disease. It’s all about profits for greedy big pharma.

— goov47


Not only have the number of vaccines gone up, but the number of times they are being given (boosters) has jumped drastically over the past several decades.

They have not all been evaluated by independent studies, nor has the cocktail mix of them that are administered simultaneously been evaluated properly. You may say the risks are tiny, but how do we know? Your stat about the risk of dying from measles being 1/1000 is worldwide and even then it’s outdated. It’s not valid in this discussion.

Those people died from other factors than getting the measles, such as contaminated water, dehydration, poor immune systems, and starvation, among others.

Are we supposed to just take these stats as the gospel by taking your word for it without looking at outside factors? Are we just supposed to take the word of the big pharma companies that vaccines are safe?

Are the big pharma companies going to “out” themselves if one of their vaccines turns out to be causing illness? Do we wait for a whistle-blower with a conscience from within a big pharma company to go public with the data? How many young people do you know who have had their gall bladder removed?

Personally, it seems like an epidemic, especially in young women, yet nobody can explain why. I say it could be vaccines, but nobody is investigating that. Of course it could be use of birth control or something in the water.

The point is, we don’t know because nobody is looking! Asking the big pharma to check their own work is like asking the Fox to guard the henhouse. I also wonder how many of the pro-forced vaccination (herd-mentality), no matter what, crowd is also pro-abortion (pro-choice). You don’t get to have it both ways.

If a woman can get an abortion because it’s “her body, her choice”, then the same thing should apply to vaccines. My body, my choice. My child’s body, my choice. Otherwise, park your hypocrisy where it belongs, in the trash dumpster.

Don’t Tread On Me!

— Gene Jordan