July 2016

Melinda Kinzie has been a student of energy medicine and spirituality her whole life.

She grew up in the mountains of Vermont and later lived in NYC for 20 years working as a recording and performance artist.

With over 25 years of training in transformational work and spiritual studies including a comprehensive Sound Healer Training with Zacciah Blackburn of the Center of Light in Vermont, she now shares the benefits of sound healing to people of all ages.

She teaches workshops, group healing events, including the Sacred Sound Sanctuary, and Little Shamans, a program for children, to her local community in Vermont and has recently been offering workshops and programs in Montreal.



April 2016

Explore the many ways light influences our perspectives on art, nature, spirituality and the world around us with Fran Stoddard, former Vermont PBS host of Profile. This episode features a conversation with artist Rae Harrell, businessman and tai chi practitioner Ernie Pomerleau and sound healer Melinda Kinzie.

Conversations is an annual 3-part series exploring themes surrounding art, humanity, nature and spirituality. It is co-presented by All Souls Interfaith Gathering, Shelburne Farms, Shelburne Museum, Pierson Library, and with media support from RETN. The title of the 2016 series is “Lighten Up.”


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