June 14, 2016

Comment from Pozzorogo:

In one of her first interviews I just rewatched, she seems like shes wearing the exact pair of glasses but shes obviously actually outside and so her glasses turned dark in the sunlight.

I think theyre those kinds that turn clear/shaded depending on light.

This video was taken in a studio obviously, her glasses are totally clear.

Also I noticed the background isnt shifting, the trees are completely static behind her and theres a stop light I think?

And its perpetually green in this entire interview.

I could be wrong. Im not wrong about the glasses though theyre exactly the same

Also in the other interview where her glasses are darkened, there is only a reflection from 1 light.

Looks like it might be a camera light because its circular.

But in this interview????

Theres so many lights and square lights being reflected.

Its VERY odd


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