June 12, 2016

An LA Pride attack, was it a Copy Cat of the Orlando Shooting, which many are already calling a Hoax?

Donald Trump chipped in with a political statement about ISIS and Radical Islamic Terrorist, which is playing into destroying the middle eastern Theocracies some would call Dictatorships.

A Conspiracy by the Federal Government and the Obama Administration to push the Gay agenda concerning LGBT and erroneous civil rights, while at the same time taking away more 2nd Amendment rights from the American people in order to have more gun control which would lead to more Tyranny and government over reach.

Many want prayers for Orlando, but I wonder if the blood donations are only feeding the Satanist who have their cups filled with the blood of Saints, and Im not talking about he HIV blood of the homosexuals.

The Tony Awards Go to Christopher Hansen because he put on a better show than even Vin Diesel who was top in the headlines on this 6-12 ( which is 6+[6+6] ) 2016.

Pulse Night Club was a gay night club and it was said to have been Latino night and earlier a Drag Queen was pretending to be Jennifer Lopez.