August 2014

This documentary is about Chris Burns’ battle with depression. No one around him knew he was suffering and nearly everyone was misled by his seemingly happy exterior.

Chris shares how he deals with his depression on a daily basis, as well as how his life has made him into the man he is today.

He also talks about:

being drafted to the NHL – 2:47
being stabbed in a bar fight – 3:50
his experience as a professional wrestler – 4:58
being addicted to OxyContin – 6:38
his feelings of depression – 8:22
his experience in rehab — all while suffering from depression. – 11:34

There is also a special message at the end of the documentary, from Chris. – 17:05

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, please know that it can get better.

You can start by talking to someone. Anyone.


You can email Chris at [email protected] The conversation will be completely private and you can remain anonymous if you choose to.

You can follow Chris on Twitter: @OneFunnyBastard

Suicide prevention: