COLLAPSE is near: If we were smart, we would quit the internet

  • The collapse is getting close, and if we were really smart, we would have already quit the internet to focus on preparedness and survival.
  • We’re long past the point of being able to stop the coming financial collapse.
  • A massive, systemic debt collapse is coming and cannot be stopped.
  • We should all be focused on massive preparedness efforts. If you were rational, you would have already moved out of the city.
  • Most people will be blindsided by the coming collapse. They have NO backup plan.
  • Most people have no plan to exit the city when the collapse accelerates.
  • Why fiat currencies always collapse.
  • Why cities become “death zones” in a collapse.
  • Local police will be overrun and unable to respond to your emergency. They all know they’re badly outnumbered vs. the gangs.
  • When it all hits the fan, don’t be standing in front of the fan. (Relocate in advance.)
  • After surviving the coming collapse, we must all help rebuilt a society founded in individual liberty and the prevention of totalitarianism.
  • Why adaptation and “survival of the fittest” will apply in any catastrophic collapse.
  • Humanity will always rebuild, but not everybody will survive to see it.

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EVERYTHING is rigged: Elections, money, health care, taxes and more

  • EVERYTHING is rigged: Politics, finance, medicine, the news, etc.
  • Society is rigged against you, to keep you enslaved, ignorant and dis-empowered.
  • You can be set free from the “theater for your mind” by becoming aware and awake of what’s really happening around you.
  • The entire financial system is rigged to keep you in an endless cycle of poverty and debt.
  • Ever notice how the government bailed out the wealthy elite banksters but never bails out the People?
  • The entire health care system is rigged as a medical monopoly to keep you sick and dependent on doctors, drugs and ripoff health insurance.
  • Google also takes part in enforcing the Big Pharma monopoly by banning advertising from Canadian pharmacies that can sell drugs to U.S. consumers at a fraction of the monopoly prices set in the USA.
  • The only way to avoid being victimized by the rigged health care system is to learn how to eat healthy, prevent disease and not need Big Pharma’s toxic poisons.
  • Property taxes are another way Big Government enslaves you and makes sure they can keep confiscating money from you even after you’ve already paid for everything once.
  • The Central Banks are printing money, effectively STEALING money from you (without even having to put a gun to your head).
  • State-run media incessantly try to paint a positive picture even when it’s all crashing around you.
  • The financial scam is made intentionally complex so that everyday people can’t figure out how they’re being ripped off.
  • The types of banking activities being used today in America will one day be criminalized and banned.
  • The establishment will ROB you of every last dime you ever earned, via “health care” fraud, taxes, pension fund confiscations, etc.
  • We will never have a future if we don’t stop the criminal banksters.
  • We don’t have capitalism in America, we have cronism.
  • Why we have to ARREST THE BANKSTERS to save America!
  • The entire federal income tax has no economic justification… it exists to control your behavior and DISTRACT you from reality. Mathematically speaking, the government doesn’t need a dime of your money to operate.
  • Every rigged system eventually collapses.
  • What kind of society will we build on the other side of the collapse of this rigged system?
  • Why we need a GOLD standard for our money supply to avoid government printing and fiat currency debasement.
  • An honest money system would allow you to keep what you earn and prevent the government (and the banksters) from stealing everything you have.
  • Get ready for radical change across our society.
  • It’s time for a peaceful revolution of the People to rise up and take back their money supply from the criminals and thieves who have stolen it from us.
  •

    Household robots will be used by government and corporations to SPY ON YOU

    • Most people fail to realize that personal robots will be used to SPY on you for the government.
    • While robots are carrying out your hosehold chores, they will be video recording every object in your home (including firearms) and uploading this data to their corporate masters (Google).
    • Everything your helper robot hears or views in your private home can be used against you in a government prosecution or court case.
    • Robots will use speech-to-text technology to create transcripts of everything you’ve said in your own home. This transcript will be word searched by Google and the NSA to incriminate you or blackmail you.
    • Videos recorded by the robots will be used to blackmail important people in society (lawmakers, judges, etc.) into supporting the totalitarian regime in power.
    • Today’s police state society has no respect for your personal privacy. They already surveil your emails and phone calls. Robots will simply give them a whole new way to spy on you, listen to your conversations and video record your entire private home or apartment.
    • Robots will be programmed to find your bookshelf and scan the titles of books you own. This will be used to build a psychological profile that could get you flagged as a “domestic terrorist” if you aren’t reading the “corRobotrect” books.
    • Robot vehicles will also track and record all your vehicular destinations. Soon, they will also listen to all your conversations and upload them to corporate or government entities.
    • Household robots will video record you having sex in your own home… such videos can be used to blackmail you by threatening to release them publicly.
    • Watch for the rise of an “open source” robotics movement that will attempt to counter the “spybots” with independent, private robots that can be operated without spying on humans.
    • There is no corporate entity in the world that really wants you to have your own privacy. What they want is obedience, coercion and compliance. Household robots will help them accomplish that.

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