Tim Ferriss on Ketosis, Microbiome, Lyme Disease, and Biomarkers

August 2015

Dr. Rhonda Patrick interviews 3-time New York Times best selling author Tim Ferriss.

They discuss what Tim’s leading blood biomarkers are that he focuses on optimizing, the importance of tracking glucose along with ketones to make sure you don’t confuse non-nutritional ketosis with the real deal, Tim’s personal experience beating lyme disease and his insights on recovery, the origin and cause of “lyme hysteria”, and how some of the symptoms of what is described as “chronic lyme disease” may actually be caused by a disrupted gut microbiome from uninterrupted, long-term use of antibiotics, what the “minimum effective dose” is when it comes to working out, and a little bit about Tim’s workout routine and much much more. Read more...

Tim Ferriss – Become Superhuman at Any Skill

April 2015

Tim Ferriss is a stand out entrepreneur, author, consultant, athlete, bio-hacker, life-hacker, and friend.

If you haven’t heard of him yet, who knows where you’ve been.

But in this episode of the show, I wanted to learn some things about Tim that I and most people don’t know. Read more...

Creating a Passion-Driven Business and Life – Tom Bilyeu

July 2015

Tom is not only an amazing human being, husband, entrepreneur, and businessman, but he has helped build Quest to become the 2nd fastest growing company in North America!

What really hits home for me about Tom and his mission, however, is that it isn’t about making millions and breaking growth records. Read more...

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