Thought You Understood Sugar? You Will After This!

September 2014

Dr. Peter Glidden goes into detail describing the role of sugar in the body. Most people know too much sugar is bad. But Dr. Glidden discusses the body’s need and use for sugar and how it gets to where it needs to. He also discusses what sort of problems occur and why, if you have too much sugar. Read more...

Everyone Should Stop Eating These Four Foods

July 2014

Dr. Peter Glidden opens the interview discussing the growing number of anti-depressant prescriptions. The discussion leads to the reason for the increased number of prescriptions and finally four foods he says to stop eating immediately as they could be the cause to so many negative health conditions. Read more...

Banned TEDTalk about Psychic Abilities | Russell Targ

November 2016

Russell Targ is a physicist who spent several decades working in a US government program exploring “remote viewing” – an apparent anomalous extended characteristic of the mind.

Targ is convinced the effect is real.

This talk was originally slated as part of a TEDx event in Hollywood in 2013, but the organization pulled their support of the event when they learned about the subjects. Read more...

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth

July 2017

Right now, billions of neurons in your brain are working together to generate a conscious experience — and not just any conscious experience, your experience of the world around you and of yourself within it.

How does this happen?

According to neuroscientist Anil Seth, we’re all hallucinating all the time; when we agree about our hallucinations, we call it “reality.” Join Seth for a delightfully disorienting talk that may leave you questioning the very nature of your existence. Read more...

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