They are not cloning them! Its much worse!

April 2018

Celebrities like Kanye West, Brittany Spears, and Eminem, are not being cloned and replaced! They are being brain washed with MK Ultra mind control techniques!

Look at celebrities going into mental wards and coming out different. They’re having they’re minds washed. Their memories are erased with eletroshock “therapy” and this is basically human torture where they use shocks to erase memories and basically silence any flavor of dissention. Read more...

Demons Manifesting Through Celebrities Caught on Camera

March 2018

Demons are always trying to find a way inside your home whether through television, social media or demonic cultural norms. This video exposes some of their devious methods.

Rebirthing into androgeny is a good thing according to the dark elite who portray LGBT behavior on screens to influence entire generations into a moral abyss. Read more...

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about coffee | Chandler Graf | TEDxACU

May 2017

As a biochemistry major and barista at Beltway Coffee in Abilene, Chandler Graf has a deep passion and appreciation for the integration of science in the art of brewing coffee.

Chandler’s TEDxACU talk, filmed at Beltway Coffee and delivered via TED’s live-to-camera video format, shares the science behind choosing the best bag of coffee at the grocery store, making great coffee at home, and even understanding what you’re really ordering the next time you go out for coffee. Read more...

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