Vitamin K

April 2016

Vitamin K plays a key role in helping the blood clot, preventing excessive bleeding. Unlike many other vitamins, vitamin K is not typically used as a dietary supplement.

Vitamin K is actually a group of compounds. The most important of these compounds appears to be vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Vitamin K1 is obtained from leafy greens and some other vegetables. Vitamin K2 is a group of compounds largely obtained from meats, cheeses, and eggs, and synthesized by bacteria. Read more...

How I Got My Sleep Back After 13 Years (Chronic Insomnia)

June 2017

Do you know the hopelessness of getting up at night EXHAUSTED, wanting to catch some Z’s so badly, but simply being UNABLE to? If so, you’re in for a treat.

I lived with insomnia for about 13 years of my young life, and no amount of pills, exercise or counseling could cure me. I finally cured it naturally, by discovering and treating the root cause behind it. This is my basic recipe. Read more...

Why It’s Hard to Turn Stress (Cortisol) Off

September 2015

Dr. Eric Berg DC walks you through a step-by-step procedure to quickly improve vocal cord stress. Dr. Berg’s patients include opera singers, vocal coaches, professional singers and professors of music. Use this technique at the first hint of irritation or loss of voice. Read more...

Stop the 5 Causes of Inflammation: FAST!

July 2016

What exactly triggers inflammation, in you?

Think about it and consider the following…

There are 5 main things that cause inflammation or are related to inflammation.

  1. Food allergies
  2. Hormones
  3. Gallbladder
  4. Old Injuries
  5. Lack of K2 and D3

If you have chronic inflammation and pain, you need to take action to heal your body. Read more...

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