Meet graphene | Catharina Paukner | TEDxDanubia

June 2016

Everyone is talking about graphene, the new super‐material of the future, which will bring huge changes – proves the pioneer scientist, who dares to re‐think our everyday life and create something completely new. In her highly entertaining speech, Catharina explains that the areas of application of the world’s strongest material are limitless, ranging from power supply, aerospace, automotive and construction to healthcare and the design of everyday electronics, preventing collapses of buildings to a new design in heating our homes. Read more...

The Glass Batteries That Are More Than Good Enough!

March 2017

Glass batteries have invaded the news – but what does this latest technological development by John Goodenough and Helena Braga mean?

Lithium ion battery technology has remained unchanged over the past 40 years, carrying the same risks of short-circuiting and producing dangerous explosions. The unique chemistry of the glass battery actually avoids that problem altogether! Read more...

BroadBit metallic sodium batteries, 10x more power than Lithium-Ion, 5-minute full charge

May 2016

BroadBit has invented and is commercializing a new type of metallic sodium battery in two families: Hi-Energy batteries with twice the energy per weight and Hi-Power batteries with ten times the power as todays lithium-ion batteries. BroadBits Hi-Power batteries can be fully charged in as little as 5 minutes. BroadBits batteries are made with abundant and cheap raw materials (e.g. table salt) and its manufacturing process is simpler than Li-ion. With these advantages, BroadBit expects its cost per kWh to be a third that of Li-ion when in mass production. Moreover, initial tests of the technology show no detectable degradation in battery performance over 600 cycles. This is because, unlike Li-ion, there are no side reactions, dendrite formation or mechanical stress due to ion intercalation. Read more...

Salt Water Batteries

April 2017

Ever heard of salt water batteries? Is it a gimmick or the next big thing? Let’s find out!

In this video, I will explain what a salt water battery is and why you should care. Salt water batteries are an emerging technology that can produce the energy density of a lithium cell without the high cost and environmental and safety concerns. However, the technology is still in its infancy and the only company that has produced them for market is now out of business. Read more...

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