Black Lives Matter: The Rise of the “DINDU”

March 2016

Michael Brown was a man, who robbed a liquor store and at the same time assaulted its clerk. He then went on to attack a police officer and attempted to hijack his weapon and was shot in the ensuing scuffle.

And to top it all off, Black Lives Matter (BLM) got its start and first martyr. Also many in his community and then nationwide tried to claim him to be an innocent “gentle giant.” Read more...


March 2016

The character of Muhammad in the Quran is something the Muslims want to hide to Westerners because it’s blatantly barbaric.

Then again, the Westerners need to stop being zombified and take note that they’re under attack.

The breaking point in the West has been met because men have been emasculated. They don’t even know how to fight the Islamic jihad being waged against them. Women will likely side with the stronger islamic men who treat women like crap but they’re powerful and women easily give themselves to these men. Pink men of the West, you lost. Nobody will remember you. Not even the women who forced you to become “domesticated, servile, largely useless” pink men. Read more...

Sharia for Dummies

September 2016

If you live in the Western world, you know Muslims follow Islam and its Sharia, the Holy Islamic Law.

You might know Islam exists but do you know what it is?

Do you know what it means for you, for the women, for the gays or for all “infidels”? Read more...

Creeping Sharia: The ISLAMIZATION of the WEST

April 2016

A demographic tidal wave is falling all over the West.

Islamic ideology is growing, exponentially. The West is actually funding Islamic growth in Europe and America. Islam wants to subjugate the world, like Allah in the Kuran.

Islamic terrorism is not about some poetic idea of a minority fighting for survival, it’s an all-out war against the West and its culture. Read more...

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