February 2016

When any nation that is not part of ‘The Neo Con Empire’, for example China, silences the opposition to its governing regime by accusing its critics of ‘Hate’ and locking them away under ‘Hate Laws’ , the Western liberal media goes bezerk and fires off a volley of denunciations.

However, the same media is hypocritically either strangely silent, or full of applause when its own liberal Western ruling regimes use the same methods and laws to imprison and silence their own dissidents.

To be a dissident in the West these days is to be a defender of the true Western values and to be against the extermination of things we used to take for granted, such as: family; community; culture; nation, race and indeed the West itself. People of European origin in North America, as elsewhere in the world, are the victims of a cultural Marxist political and media elite dedicated to their replacement by massive Third World immigration.

Simultaneously, there are strenuous efforts by the same elite to suppress criticism of this policy of dispossession by a variety of legal measures, (hate laws, etc.), media boycott and social sanctions for dissenters.

Paul Fromm speaks extensively on immigration and free speech issues worldwide. He heads the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee and The Canadian Association for Free Expression. He has battled Canada’s oppressive internet censors and supported Ernst Zundel and David Irving. For the past four years, he has been media spokesman for the European American Heritage Festival, held annually in late October in Pulaski, Tennessee. He has a daily one hour commentary show on WhiteResistanceRadio.com.

This autumn he covered the 12-day trial of Arthur Topham, (Radicalpress.com), who was charged with promoting “hate” under Canada’s notorious “hate law”.


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